Apple: The foldable smartphone could be compatible with the Apple Pencil

Apple could do double duty with its future foldable smartphone, which will be launched with a highly anticipated feature!

We know that, Apple, city, cat Currently working in Development of a new foldable smartphone, Which will allow him to join the court at the present time is very closed occupied by Huawei, especially Samsung. A sector in which Cupertino has retreated, as the first model is expected to be at least 2022. But if apple fans were to use all the patience treasures at their disposal to wait for an Apple foldable phone, they might be rewarded. By adding a feature that was expected for a very long time now!

Apple Pencil (illustration) – Credit (Credits): Apple

In fact, if we believe the EqualOcean report, citing analysis firm Omdia, Apple’s foldable smartphone can integrate compatibility with Apple Pencil. Information not too surprising, when we know that the future Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 It can also be marketed with the S Pen. The report also adds some details that should appear on the screen of this smartphone The OLED panel is 7.3 to 7.6 inches. Latest info, which could be a hit, EqualOcean estimates that this phone should be launched by 2023!

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