Apple: Lots of details about its future foldable smartphone while on the run

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A lot of information is being announced today about the future Apple foldable smartphone thanks to a new report from Ming Chi-Kuo.

We know that, an Apple In general it is at the forefront of various innovations in the technology sector. A trend we can check back in with development From his virtual reality / augmented reality glasses. But there is one exception: the foldable smartphone. In fact, while many of its competitors have already formalized at least the first model, and its lifetime rival Samsung is already preparing. Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 2, Apple is still silent. But the device is well prepared, Today, we are learning more about this phone thanks to a report from Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 12 (illustration) – Credit (Credits): Apple

And the first tip from the analyst, who is always very well informed when it comes to Apple, This smartphone should come with a foldable 8-inch QHD + panel. Ming Chi-Kuo adds that this smartphone will be launched on the market in 2023, And building on the production capabilities put in place by Apple, it is estimated that the Cupertino Corporation will strive To sell 15 to 20 million devices in the same year. That also adds up “Foldable smartphones of the future will require touch screen technology that supports multiple folds (compared to a single fold of current foldable smartphones), zigzag, medium and large screens and take advantage of good durability.”. Suffice it to say, there is a great future for this niche!

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