Apple has awarded Zoom with a proprietary API for its iPad app

Zoom has been using a proprietary API for its iPad app for a few months now, which has been granted by Apple. This API allows video conferencing to use the iPad camera while using the app in Split View mode.

Proprietary API for Zoom, given by Apple

This is developer Jeremy Provost Who discovered This preferential treatment from Apple to Zoom regarding this API. It’s called and no developer can use it. The reason is simple: Apple hasn’t publicly provided it and there are no documents. But Zoom was entitled to privileged access.

This revelation doesn’t necessarily come at Apple’s best time. The manufacturer is in the midst of a lawsuit with Epic Games, which accuses it of anti-competitive practices with the App Store. Tim Cook (and Apple in general) Has already confirmed All developers are treated the same way around the world. Using Zoom this story proves that this is not entirely true, since the app has access that no one else can access.

Recent overtones I showed That other apps were also preferred. This is especially the case with Hulu, the US video service. The app was authorized for the API to automatically cancel subscriptions, while this was not available for other apps on the App Store. This type of story is more positive for Apple’s Epic Games due to ongoing experimentation. It debuted on May 3 It will resume tomorrow.

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