+ Apple Fitness, now suitable for beginners, pregnant women, and the elderly

For starters, Fitness + is a fitness service built around the Apple Watch.

for him Fitness + serviceApple has expanded and adapted it for other categories of people such as the elderly, pregnant women, and beginners. It also includes new high-intensity interval training (HIIIT) and strength training exercises for beginners.

For mothers …

The new pregnancy exercises are designed to help women stay active during a healthy pregnancy and prepare for life with a new baby. It consists of 10 training courses in several fields.

Each exercise lasts 10 minutes and is designed to suit all stages of pregnancy and all fitness levels. The exercise program suggests practical advice, such as using a pillow to comfort as the body develops.


For those who are just starting out, consider themselves beginners, or are back into exercising after a long break, there are now more exercises to choose from to build strength, endurance and flexibility. All the low-impact movements are easy to follow to help beginners get comfortable with basic exercises.

And the elderly

Workouts for Seniors helps users stay active at any age with an emphasis on strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and mobility. In this eight-exercise series, the exercises are performed with a light dumbbell or bodyweight, while the others are performed with a chair or against a wall. The exercises are done every 10 minutes and can be done alone or in combination with other Fitness + exercises.

Subscription and prices

These new exercise programs will be available at Apple Fitness + beginning April 19. A subscription to the service is $ 13 a month or $ 100 a year (prices are rounded).

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Note that Fitness + can be shared by up to six members of the same family for the same price, allowing other Apple Watch users at home to easily take advantage of the service.

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