Applause to start filming the Netflix series, Notre-Dame, la part du feu, in Bourges Cathedral

Bourges Cathedral is again closed to the public due to filming. After Jean-Jacques Anod was shot, Our lady is burningFilmed in early March, it is now part of the series directed by Hervé Hadmar. Notre Dame, the fire part, which relives the drama of April 15, 2019. Throughout the week, and until Tuesday, October 19 inclusive, outside the weekend, the memorial to giant Netflix, the streaming platform on which the series will be broadcast, has been privatized.

The scenes were taken in front of the cathedral

On the first day of filming, which took place on Monday 11 October, cameras were installed in front of the cathedral to capture some outdoor shots. From 3:30 p.m., the teams have been working hard to box day scenes, but also night scenes.

The teams started to stabilize yesterday morning.

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About a dozen firefighters attended, as well as actress Alice Isaze, who will play the journalist (Netflix asked for complete discretion of all those involved in filming). The additions are made up of volunteer firefighters, but also professionals, including two who work at the Borg and one at Verizon. No one seems to stress, on the contrary, it seems rather calm because “these are maneuvers that we know”, justifying one of them.

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excellent Cameras and actors prepare on Monday for a third shoot at Saint-Etienne Cathedral

As of Tuesday, the rest of the six-episode mini-series must be filmed in the cathedral. So it is impossible for the curious to look at what will happen there, even if the outcome of the story is known to all.

A boon for local professionals

Nearly a hundred people are currently working on the series in Bourges. A godsend for local professionals, such as hoteliers.

As of this Tuesday, filming must continue between the memorial’s walls.

“From October 11-19, we counted 360 accommodations a night, most of them in one of our downtown hotels,” shares Alexandre Valor, who runs several establishments. We’re not in the season that ran until September, so for us, this event is good, especially after the crisis we’ve been through. “

Chloe Frillat

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