Anti-immigration bill sets the UK on fire

An online petition has more than 200,000 signatures in two days, calling for a boycott of the BBC or the resignation of its director… The UK is divided over the case of former footballer and star presenter Gary Lineker. The program is “Game of the Day”.

The BBC suspended Lineker after he tweeted that the immigration bill introduced on March 7 fell within a threshold. “A brutal policy aimed at the most vulnerable, not unlike that used by Germany in the 1930s”. Gary Lineker, accustomed to progressive stances, was withdrawn from presenting his show “Clear Agreement” with him “In Using Social Networks”Channel Description.


Asked by the BBC, the home minister said to himself “He was disappointed to compare our measurements with those of Germany in the 1930s.”. The parliamentary right seized the case to reinforce its ongoing criticism of bias in the English public service, which is considered too left-wing. But it wasn’t until Nicola Sturgeon, the outgoing Scottish Prime Minister from the progressive camp after all, who, listening to himself, flooded Lineker with messages of support.

The purpose of this bill is to prevent the arrival of illegal immigrants from continental Europe. In particular, it plans to quickly deport them, preventing them from applying for asylum and then settling in the UK or applying for British citizenship. The law would eventually allow immigrants to be detained until they are deported. An avalanche of measures issued by the administration in response to British resentment of immigration and a promise made by Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

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Human problems

But the plan has drawn criticism from refugee aid groups over the past week. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights also said “Such a general ban on asylum seekers” fiancee “Contrary to UK’s Human Rights Obligations”.

On Friday, as the controversy raged across the Channel, Rishi Sunak was on a government visit to France, where he announced new anti-immigration measures with Emmanuel Macron. In the programme: Strengthening immigration controls in France funded by the UK (€541 million until 2026) and new “Prevention Center” In the north of France. Faced with British interest, Emmanuel Macron emphasized that the two countries are moving forward together in this matter. “Awareness of Human Problems”.

Ahead of the meeting between the two heads of state, France invited Terre d’Aisle to France “Don’t be complicit in policies unworthy of the United Kingdom.”. “By renewing the treaties, and accepting new funds, France would implicitly check the shameful policy pursued by the British Government”, Delphine Rouilleult, director of the NGO, insisted.

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