Another series derived from the movie “The Walking Dead”.

While his last episode has yet to be written, “The Walking Dead” does not stop having children. After “Fear the Walking Dead” and “World Beyond” (which has just begun its second and final season in the US), AMC He gave the go-ahead for a fourth production group in this zombie world. “Tales of the Walking Dead” is its title, and it will be an anthology series, which means that each episode will be independent of the other and will tell a particular story.

The first season, slated for summer 2022, will feature six episodes that will all take place in the universe of “The Walking Dead” – where an actor did some girlfriend – and will tell stories featuring characters from the original series like the new as well as the new. Channing Powell, who worked as a screenwriter and producer on “The Walking Dead” and “Fear the Walking Dead,” will be in the driver’s seat. He will be assisted by Scott M. Gimbel, director of content for the “The Walking Dead” universe.

“The Walking Dead” is a series that made television history and attracted an army of ardent and highly committed fans. We see great potential in this universe to tell rich and compelling stories, and the curating anthology of “Tales of the Walking Dead” will give us the flexibility to entertain fans and provide a portal into this world for others. Come on, especially on streaming platforms said the head of original programming AMC Networks And AMC Studios in a press release.


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