Another Argentine series that Netflix is ​​already preparing

The kingdom This will be the next Argentine series to hit the streaming service Netflix This Friday, August 13th, at a special time we’ve already told you about. This is a new national production that will be integrated into a library full of titles that also has space More content from Argentina is already in development. See what they are!

+ Other Argentine series Netflix is ​​preparing for

– Almost happy | season 2

The second part of the sitcom is written with Sebastian Weinreich, about a man who has struggles in all his relationships, especially with himself. With Sebastian Weinreich, Natalie Perez, Santiago Kurowski, Beto Menachem, with special guests. Directed by Hernán Gershoni, written by Alejandro de Grazia, Hernán Gershoni, Sebastian Weinreich and Pablo Odinio, with a screenplay by Weinreich. They produce HC Films & Tiger House.

Love after love

Biographical series with representatives of the universe and the history of Vito Baez, covering 40 years of life overtaken by genius and tragedy, successes and failures, excesses, love and songs. Producers: Juan Pablo Kolodzig, Mariano Chehead, Juan Taratoto and Vito Baez. Produced by Mandarina TV.

– the sky is big

A musical production about a group of teenagers working to save a hotel that specializes in water sports. Directed by Mauro Scandolari, written by Jorge Edelstein and produced by Pablo Ferrero. The Mexican distribution is topped by Pilar Pascual (“Come! Live Your Way”). Non-stop production.

– Le Marginal | season 4

After the San Onover fire, the fates of Reverend (Juan Minojín), Mario Borges (Claudio Risi) and Diositto (Nicolas Furtado) cross once again at the Puente Viejo prison, led by a cynical director, with the monkey and his gang shepherds inmates. The local subsidiary U21 has been added to this showdown. From the outside, Sergio Antin (Gerardo Romano) will work to seize power in the prison and Emma Molinari (Martina Gusman) will help the priest in a new and dangerous escape attempt. Directed by Alejandro Chiancio, with Sebastian Ortega as producer/show. Produced by Underground and Telemundo Global Studios.

– eternity

A contemporary version based on the graphic novel of the same name by Hector German Osterold, this science fiction story shows a group of people battling an alien invasion. Produced by K&S, directed by Bruno Staniaro and with Martin Osterwald as a consultant.

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