Announcing Trump’s tax returns

Donald Trump, who embarked on a new race for the White House for the year 2024, did not announce his tax declarations, unlike all his predecessors since the 1970s, which raised many questions about their content.

What do the documents say?

Through 6,000 pages of tax documents from Mr. Trump and his many daily acts USA Today I found some pearls. So in 2020, the billionaire worth $3 billion didn’t pay taxes, despite having millions of dollars in income, declaring losses instead.

Some of the data is confusing, like his airline statement declaring the exact same amount of expenses and income in 2020. His hotel costs (14 million annually in 2015 and 2016), as well as loans to his children, are among the items currently assessed by the tax authorities. .

In mid-December, a parliamentary committee voted in favor of publishing the billionaire’s tax returns for six years, from 2015 to 2020.

This group of elected officials has been demanding for three years the documents that the billionaire sent to the IRS for this period, which the latter rejected. The Supreme Court finally ruled in favor of the group at the end of November.

Donald Trump, a few hours before announcing his third run for the US presidency. (Archives)

Photo: Getty Images/Joe Raedle

Donald Trump strongly condemned this decision in a press release sent to CBS Friday while making sure that the remarks It only appears once [sa] Success.

Another setback for Mr. Trump

The publication of these documents represents an additional setback for the former tenant of the White House, who is already the subject of countless investigations into the management of his archives, as well as his financial affairs in New York.

Donald Trump’s lack of transparency, which he made his wealth into a campaign argument, fueled rumors for years about the extent of his wealth or potential conflicts of interest.

his family’s company, the Trump Organization, He was convicted in early December of financial fraud And taxes after a trial in New York, where the former Republican president was not tried.

A separate parliamentary report on the US tax authorities also showed that the latter did not do what they were supposed to do for almost all of Donald Trump’s mandates.

It is a major tax fiasco in the United Statesdenounced the chair of this parliamentary committee, Democrat-elect Richard Neal.

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