Anniversary facts!

Another birthday! It seems to me that they are falling on me faster and faster. Earlier this month, it was my 21st birthday inNew Acadia. Tomorrow is my birthday and next week I will celebrate my 1300th column on this page! a party!

So tomorrow I will be exactly twice my age on the day I entered the diary. MorningIn Moncton: 36 years. The newspaper’s founder and first director, Charles Damore, offered me the position of editor-in-chief.

At the time, I whispered the gossip that I had been given this position thanks to the Conservative Minister Jean-Maurice Simard, to whom I was an advisor, but what these critics did not know was that Jean-Maurice Simard himself was not in favor of my entry. The morning. Exactly for this reason!

I had to say it once and for all.


Thirty-six years later, I’m still in a newspaper, this time as a member of a big familyNew Acadia. If it is an experience morning He was a demon, the one I’ve been living here for 21 years has somewhat celestial colors!

what do you want! I loved writing these records so much that it became a way of life. My mind continues to find material for commentary on life, current affairs, and the zeitgeist.

My life is “organised” around these records: I watch everything left and right, I listen to everything I can, I read on all kinds of subjects, I take notes. I have the antennas alive!

Over the years I have learned a lot from this page. I got here almost all the fire, all flame, but I calmed down a little. I tried to get around some very sharp corners. I choose my words more carefully, self-censorship is more necessary than ever.

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Admittedly, there will always be a sympathetic hippo who finds I’m using big words, but I keep quiet! There are blues who don’t like me talking about conservatives and liberals who don’t like me talking about reds.

Fear not: I’m blue-white-red!

Some people do not like to write “New Brunswick”. Some, to sign “Han, madam?”. Others use English words for punch sentence. It’s fair game. After all, this is the purpose of newspaper columns: to fuel debate.

My worst, most hurtful experience here was last year when a bevy of homosexuals, obsessed with unfortunate misunderstandings, with indescribable stupidity, tried to pass me off as transgender and homophobic. While I’ve been defending gay reality for fifty years with its share of insults and punches. Long before most of these “reviews” were born!

I am glad to be able to say that again on this International Day Against Homophobia.


We give money and life takes care of the rest. Look, there are moons, I cried against the clergy in the church, some Christians even wanted to send me to the stake. But with the election of the kind Pope Francis, so non-dogmatic, and his vehement criticism of the clergy to which I was condemning, I would not be pleased not to admit that the Church, under his leadership, had proceeded to open up.

It is admittedly long. Yes, it takes a long time to overturn the Titanic! Will he have time to turn around before he sinks? It would take fifty years to fix it. I will watch this from the sky.

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The same is true of the British monarchy. I like to cartoon it from time to time.

But we must realize that Queen Elizabeth, who is celebrating 70 years of her reign this year, has come to embody the monarchy so powerfully that it is hard to imagine what the monarchy will look like next. One thing is clear: it will never be the same!

The Queen understood this well, too, for it is not without reason that she declared her desire that Charles’s unloved wife, Camilla, should bear the title of Queen Consort. She wanted to save her son and the UK government from the arduous debates, and possibly a constitutional crisis, likely to arise after her departure, thus facilitating a smooth transition.


Because once the queen is gone, everything risks changing drastically.

Charles does not possess the moral authority that Elizabeth gained through her personal integrity throughout her reign. He is more inclined to meddle in public affairs, and more inclined to politics, not to mention controversy. He has well-defined ideas about ancient architecture, and ecological city planning, and has been criticized for this, but he is also a great advocate for the environment, particularly organic farming, and this since his youth. In this regard, it is in keeping with our times.

Of course, the dispute between Acadia and England still exists. But it is not said that King Charles, more open than his predecessors to other cultures and beliefs of others, would resist the idea of ​​royal apologies, so long as it was instigated by a federal government. In this sense one is today, which was clearly not the case with the Chrétien government in 2003, which negotiated with London a royal declaration in which the deportation was reduced to “damage” to the Acadians.

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See, you can find everything in the event log. Beautiful, good, real, sometimes cute! But life is like that. It’s a gift that we rediscover every morning, just as we discover a new date every week.

That is why I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for following me for so many years, loyal and ardent readers, who have the honor of accompanying me in discovering the secret of our life, the life that beats, every week, for so many years!

Han, madam?

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