Animal Crossing: The dreaded bunny is back for Bunny Day

PlayersAnimal Crossing: New HorizonsPrepare for the worst when you visit your island today. Celebrations for Rabbit’s day (Egg Festival) has started, the dreaded Zipper Bunny is back.


Yes he is.

Screen capture: Kazzie Charbonneau

I logged into my island myself this morning to see if Zipper actually visits me. When I saw him, with all his energy, I shut down my game and mentally threw the Nintendo Switch out the window. Not today, Satan. not today.

Egg Return Festival

Twitter account forAnimal crossing Yesterday morning, he confirmed the return of the Egg Festival, which will be held on April 4 this year.

So it will be possible to find six different types of eggs as well as DIY recipes for furnishing your island. Eggs can be harvested from trees, hitting rocks or going hunting.

However, not everyone is thrilled that this holiday is back. Several netizens reacted similarly to my response when they saw the right zippers bouncing off their island. Here are some funny tweets!

Good luck to all playersThe Nimal Crossing: New Horizons In the next few days.

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