Angouleme: a new therapeutic space in the city

These five therapists, psychologists, and psychotherapists offer a personalized approach to their patients. Not to mention a psychiatrist who shares their headquarters (without affiliation with the company). “We’re talking more about brief therapies, and solutions-focused approaches.”, says Helen Kleiman, MD, systemic and family therapist. Two other specialists have also been trained in family therapy. Training accredited at European level, but not leading to a diploma in France. Hypnosis, relaxation, and EMDR (Eye Movement Psychotherapy) are also part of their qualifications.

“Meeting in a group makes it possible to offer a more straightforward and adaptive follow-up. We can offer joint treatments. If the family comes to see us after the trauma, we can better identify each person’s problems and turn to this or that colleague, depending on the treatment needed.”, adds Virginie Perocho, who is also a systemic and family therapist, but also a kinesthetic therapist. Not to mention that being together in the same place can reassure the patient and ensure, in advance, that there will be no interruption in follow-up.

The center wants to welcome families with limited income. “We work with childhood social assistance, for example, with quotes”Helen Kleiman continues. It is open from Monday to Saturday, in order to access as many profiles as possible.

Thisys, 2 Segou Place. Tel: 07 88 12 04 93 Leave a message on the answering machine stating the reason for the call and contact details. Prices and quotations upon request.

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