Anglican clergy insist on hierarchy to raise salaries

Clergy in the Church of England, complaining about inflation and the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom, have demanded a pay rise in an unprecedented approach to their hierarchy, the Unite union said on Monday (June 19).

The body, which represents over 2,000 Church of England clergy, “Submitted a demand for a 9.5% hike in clerical salaries from April 2024”, British Union wrote in a press release. Clergy salaries are reviewed every April, a Unite spokesman said.

He works as a poor man

“Like all staff in the Anglican Church, the clergy are struggling with the cost of living crisis. Many say their work is a profession, but in reality they are among the poorest workers. According to Unite general secretary Sharon Graham, the country now.

Health, housing, immigration: Anglican Church puts pressure on government

“Church has billions in the bank and can afford modest pay raises that clergy ask for”, she continues. If the priests “Give the Church’s word of hope in the resurrection, unite for better conditions for them here and now”.

Inflation in the United Kingdom was 8.7% in April, the highest among the G7 countries, creating a severe cost-of-living crisis. Social movements have proliferated in the past year to demand increases in wages and working conditions across all sectors of the economy.

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