Angela Merkel spied on the United States through the Danish intelligence services

There is something rotten in the Kingdom of Denmark. Since Sunday, Angela Merkel has to think carefully about this iconic streak from Hamlet. The German chancellor is among the politicians who, according to the press, have been spied on by the United States with the help of the Danish intelligence services.

For more than two years, according to Danmarks Radio (DR), the US National Security Agency (NSA) has been exploiting Danish telecommunications cables to spy on top officials and senior officials in Germany, Sweden, Norway and France. The NSA used Danish assets by collaborating with the Danish Military Intelligence Service, called FE.

Denmark, a close ally of the United States, is home to several major landing stations for submarine internet cables to and from Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Thanks to these technical means, the NSA has access to text messages, phone calls, and Internet traffic, including searches, chats, and messaging services for many political figures.

“Incoherent thing”

For nine months, Denmark Radio He jointly investigated Le Monde, the Swedish channel SVT, the Norwegian channel NRK, the German channels NDR, WDR and the daily Suddeutsche Zeitung. It was the beginning of the entanglement they called “Operation Donhammer,” launched by FE chief Thomas Arinkel in 2014 to determine the extent to which the NSA misused its access to the means of its Danish ally.

This verification process is done by a group of hackers and service analysts, four people according to the world, Who analyzes a secret who the NSA spied on through this collaboration. Their field of research is limited to 2012, 2013 and 2014. The conclusions of the operation, completed in May 2015, show that Angela Merkel, Germany’s foreign minister at the time, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, and then opposition leader Bear was spying on Steinbrueck. We don’t know yet who was spied on in France.

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“It is ridiculous that friendly intelligence services are intercepting and spying on senior officials from other countries,” Steinbrueck told the German broadcaster ARD. “Politically, I consider this a scandal.” Swedish Defense Minister Peter Holtqvist told Swedish broadcaster SVT that he “requested full information on these matters. Norwegian Defense Minister Frank Pak-Jensen told NRK television that he” takes these allegations seriously. “

Snowden Message

Since 2015, several Danish officials have received this accusing US report. Defense Secretary Trane Bramson was informed last August. During this period, the head of Danish Military Intelligence and three other officials were dismissed without an official explanation. On Sunday, the minister responded to the information published in the newspapers through a press release. His services said: “Systematic espionage by the Allies is unacceptable.”

At this point, it was not proven that Denmark knew that the United States was using its surveillance system to spy on its neighbors.

This case of espionage, if confirmed, occurred during and after the Snowden case, in 2013. Edward Snowden, an NSA employee, revealed the existence of a global communications surveillance system and internet campaign targeting Germans in particular and the chancellor’s cell phone in Maeen. His discoveries sparked a crisis between Merkel’s Germany and the United States under Obama, which pledged to stop everything.

Via social networks, Edward Snowden challenged US President Joe Biden. He wrote, “He was deeply involved in this scandal.”

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