Ange Basterga “Cartonne” on Netflix with her movie “Caïd”, adapted as a mini-series

With this mini-series, adapted from the self-created, directed and produced “Caïd”, Ange Basterga has been the subject of a lot of greed since then. At the age of forty, Ange Basterga is rewarded for more than ten years of effort and passion for cinema.
In a few weeks, Ange Basterga became the Corsican to hit the mark on the French Netflix platform thanks to the 10-minute mini-series “Cad” based on his feature film he wrote, directed and produced by himself with his friend Nicholas Lopez, an action thriller film that won Received awards at the Polar de Cognac Festival in 2017
From his stronghold of Corsica in the south, Ange Basterga agreed to return to his amazing cinematic adventure that is not, however, a long, calm river.

How did you get into the world of cinema?
After my studies, I joined the banking sector, but it is true that I have always been fond of cinema. This was revealed at the age of twelve after watching “The Libermen”, an American gangster thriller directed by Martin Scorcese. I knew I had to go into this world of cinema.

Did your childhood dream come true?
-Yes, we can say it but not everything was easy, far from it. She started taking acting lessons and starred in films like “Cyprien” and “Les Francis” or in the TV series “Mafiosa” and “La vie devant Elles”.

Are you also drawn to writing and directing?
Certainly, I took advantage of my experience on the site to see the director’s work, monitor him, and take notes before I start directing through short films. She wrote the screenplay for “Ter, Ter” for the first time at the Cannes Film Festival in the Balieuz’Art division. In this short film I give the answer to Thierry Novic.
A few years later I wrote and featured my second short film “Premier Jour”, chosen at the Sundance Festival and awarded at the Cognac Thriller Festival and in Los Angeles.

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– Then did you cross the course of the long movie?
– Yes, it was in the logic of things. In 2017, with “Cad”, I co-directed and self-produced with my friend Nicholas Lopez. With a budget of 70,000 euros of our own money, this movie was shot in four days in Martigues with amateur actors. The film evokes the life of a merchant and rapper who accepts to be filmed in his daily life by a team of journalists. This movie was not for the glory of the thugs but on the contrary to tell them that this was not the way to go. Won Best Film at the Cognac Film Festival.

– Maybe it was a daring bet?
It is difficult to answer, but what is certain is that you must be a representative of your destiny, and for this you have to speed up the process by seizing the opportunity that was given to me. Unfortunately I wouldn’t live. The future proved me right because from there my career took on another meaning.

This exciting movie was not shown in theaters?
– Completely. This movie did not interest broadcasters because it did not come from a traditional circle of our cinematic world.

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