Android and Windows 11 collaborate with a new app

Microsoft has reworked its calling app between Android and Windows 11. Goodbye “Your Phone” and hello “Mobile Connected”.

Source: Microsoft

Connecting a Windows PC to an Android phone is a long story. The two operating systems used by the majority of users are published by different companies for different ecosystems. After several attempts, Microsoft seems to have found the right recipe using Microsoft Your Phone app On Windows 10 and Android. It has gained functionality over time: syncing SMS, photos, and even apps. Some smartphones, whose manufacturers are Microsoft partners, benefit Advantages offered by Samsung.

But “Your Phone” is designed for Windows 10. Microsoft embarked on a new adventure in 2021 with Windows 11 and now we’ll have to talk about “Connected Mobile”. For the sake of working name we will return.

All-new design

We weren’t making an article for a simple name change. Microsoft takes the opportunity to review the interface of its application. It now highlights the notifications received on the smartphone on the left side much more, as well as some quick settings such as the ringtone level or Bluetooth connection. The tab system allows you to switch between file sharing or synchronization of messages with the smartphone.

In the images shared by Microsoft, the interface looks more modern and above all more practical to use.

Honored as a new partner

That’s not all, Microsoft is taking the opportunity to formalize its partnership with Honor, whose smartphones will join the list of premium people who take advantage of the additional sync options. At the moment, smartphones launched in China are concerned: Honor Magic 3And the magic 4 and talk Fifth magic.

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The new app is now available on the Windows 11 Microsoft Store via an update. On Android, you will need to install “Link with Windows” app Which Samsung and Surface Duo users already know.

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