Andrew Ranger Interview: Go back to NASCAR Pinty and win first in the West!

Saturday, July 10, 2021 by Elian Gillan

Last year, with a few companies withdrawing and the majority of events canceled, many drivers were unable to participate in the shortened season of the NASCAR Pinty Series. This is the case of Andrew Ranger, the 2019 champion, who announced that his main partner (Mopar) did not want to invest in motorsports in this turbulent period.

However, with things slowly returning to normal, Andrew was not looking forward to the 2021 season with optimism. But things have changed recently: The wheel featured the season’s participation in the Western Canada Championships (he also won the first event), then the announcement this week that he’s back in racing. NASCAR Pinty Series, with a team mission into the world of American motorsports, Rick Ware Racing, who works full time at Xfinity and also runs Romain Grosjean at IndyCar.

“I am really pleased that Rick Ware Racing has called us for this season,” admits Pinty’s, NASCAR 2019 Champion. “It’s a reputable team that develops in the United States among the top racing series. They make NASCAR Xfinity, the pickup truck series, IndyCar and even Endurance at IMSA and Asian Le Mans Series, Andrew adds.

So Ranger will get back on track in Canada with this US team: “The team wanted to break into Canada with their partners. Because I was free, they called me!”. Andrew has already driven his new car, which he knows well because it’s his old gear: “We’ll be using my old car and my Mopar teammates will also join me, which makes me very happy!” We actually went to Sunset Speedway to test drive the car. I couldn’t wait to get back to the track, hadn’t driven for a long time, and had to get off the road! “.

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This season, Andrew Ranger is striving for victories: “I want to win and if we can fight on the front lines, the pursuit of the title would be ideal! The team has proven time and time again its competitiveness, so I am confident of that. Costs in this series have gone down and gone up. The raw materials are for drivers, so they will not be won up front.”

Despite the already low costs, including no travel to Western Canada, Andrew’s season would not have been possible without the help of Canadian partners, as well as Rick Ware Racing. “Transport Saint Michel, Duclos Chrysler, Canadian Supersellers and six other sponsors are helping me this season. Without them, it wouldn’t be possible,” he asserts.

For the first time in his career, the Ranger will not have his usual number 27, but rather the number 51 which is the number Rick Ware uses most often in sports car racing. “It certainly gives me something I don’t have my usual number on, but Kyle Busch has a 51 in the pickup series, which is a good number and that’s what Rick Ware Racing wanted. With the current economic situation I don’t go into that much detail, I consider myself lucky to have a wheel leadership” as the leader of Roxton Pond identifies.

Andrew Ranger gave us this spropos shortly after his first win of the 2021 season, in the RS1 series. “I am competing in the Avion Motorsports RS1 Series this season, as well as the NASCAR Pinty. Andre, who will stay in British Columbia for a while to compete in upcoming events before returning to the East Coast for my first NASCAR Pinty,” said Andre.

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“The RS1 Series is very competitive, it’s very similar to the NASCAR Pinty, they are cars that go fast and are improved, but with less power,” concludes Andrew Ranger. So there are 5 races left in the RS1 season, while the NASCAR Pinty season begins August 1 at Sunset Speedway, Ontario.

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