Andrew Cuomo’s defense criticized

(New York) Andrew Cuomo asserts that his actions were misinterpreted, and his words misunderstood. Defends Being Cultural: Embraces, Kisss, Says ” Hello beautiful ”- It is. He also believes that it is about the generation: sometimes he pours “beloved”, sometimes he tells inappropriate jokes.

Jocelyn Novick and Mallika Sin
News agency

But of all the responses of the New York state governor to the findings of the investigation that he sexually harassed 11 women, what shocked the most for many women—particularly sexual assault victims—was his use of sexual assault on a family member to explain his behavior. with one of his accusers.

Investigators say the allegations ranged from inappropriate comments to forced kissing and unwanted touching.

In a statement on record Tuesday, Mr Cuomo denied touching anyone inappropriately, but he does apologize to two of the accused, including former political employee Charlotte Bennett. He asserts that at the time he interviewed Mr.I Bennett talks about his love life in a misinterpreted attempt to help him deal with the trauma of a past sexual assault. He talked about someone in his family, about the same age, who had been sexually assaulted in high school.

“We will not be impressed by Governor Cuomo’s attempts to use victims’ accounts, including those of those he harassed, as a shield to his misconduct and abuse of power, because he maintains that the harassment was a ‘misunderstanding’,” write the National Center for Women’s Rights and several survivors’ organizations in an open letter calling for his resignation. or dismissal of the Democratic Governor.

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Tarana Burke, a victim and activist who found her name in the #metoo movement, wrote in an email to The Associated Press that “Aggressors, regardless of their personal stories, should not put themselves at the center of narratives of abuse” Aggression: It’s the victims’ stories that need to be brought up. .

There are 11 women whose accounts have been confirmed and who have been harassed by the governor. m . saidI Burke.

For Emily Martin, vice president of the National Center for Women’s Rights, Cuomo is trying to portray himself as “a hero for sexual assault survivors, which is an especially disturbing decision given all the report has revealed.” reconnaissance.

In response to a question from the Palestinian Authority immediately after the governor’s statement, MI Bennett described her former boss’s apology as “unimportant.” She believes that if Mr Cuomo is “really sorry, he will resign”.

On ABC Wednesday, she said, Governor Cuomo is “suggesting that survivors of trauma and sexual assault cannot distinguish between counseling or driving and actual sexual harassment.”

This is not only an insult to me, but to every survivor who heard it yesterday. “

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