Andretti partners with GM to secure an F1 place

The American car team Andretti Global announced, Thursday, its cooperation with the American car manufacturer General Motors (GM) to try to integrate Formula 1 in the coming years.

The collaboration with General Motors is done through Cadillac, one of the brands of the American group that has already entered this year’s WEC World Endurance Championship, Andretti specifies in a joint press release with General Motors.

“Andretti’s Cadillac team will be based in the United States with a supporting entity in the United Kingdom,” the statement added.

FIA President Mohamed Ben Sulayem responded on Twitter: “I welcome the news of the partnership between Cadillac and Andretti, and the FIA ​​is ready to participate in the discussions.”

The FIA ​​recently launched a process to study the possibility of increasing the number of teams in F1, currently ten.

The increase will coincide with the entry into force of the new engine regulations scheduled for 2026. The German brand Audi, part of the Volkswagen Group, has already announced that it will arrive in Formula 1 on this date after buying the Swiss Sauber / Alfa-Romeo team.

Andretti, a team run by Michael Andretti, himself the son of Mario Andretti, F1 world champion in 1978, has been trying for several months to confirm his candidacy for a place on the F1 grid. But teams currently in this discipline are hesitant because of the financial impact the presence of new teams will have on the dividends generated by F1.

The F1 promoter on Thursday responded to the announcement of interest expressed by Andretti and the GM without directly quoting him.

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“The project being carried out by F1 is attracting a lot of expressions of interest at the moment with many discussions not necessarily taking place publicly,” notes the promoter.

“We all want to ensure that the championship remains credible and stable, and any application made by a new entrant will be assessed on the basis of these criteria and the ability of the partners to respect them,” he adds, noting that “any new entry must obtain approval from the FIA ​​and F1”.

However, the tie-up with GM/Cadillac will allow Andretti’s team to partially respond to these concerns by providing additional resources at a time when F1 is developing its presence in the US at the initiative of its promoter, US group Liberty Media. .

The joint press release issued by Andretti and GM.

F1 is developing internationally and more recently in the United States with Grands Prix taking place in 2023 in Austin, Miami and Las Vegas. The Andretti Cadillac team will submit an application file when the process is officially opened by the FIA. If selected, the team plans to participate in the championship as soon as possible. And with at least one American driver.

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