An Xbox Series X “Pro” in the making at Microsoft? JVL News

According to a professional journalist who has already seen on Xbox, a new chip is in production to deliver an improved version of the Xbox Series X.

Do not doubt the answer to PS5 Pro Rumors Younger and stronger for next yearMicrosoft has already ordered the “Xbox Series X Pro,” a remake of its home console. Even if it remains popular, the technical journalist Brad Sams (who announced the Xbox Series and XSS specifications before anyone else) announced that they had some clues about this new device.

The main information is That a new segment is already created in MicrosoftSmaller and less energy efficientSame thing under the hood. If the Xbox Series X does not fundamentally change, this new version can improve performance in terms of consumption and temperature. But given this simple change, Don’t expect a device redesign.

The insider also recalls that this project is part of the company’s environmental ambition to offer machines that consume less energy. Finally, he thinks so “Project Keystone” which is also under construction at MS It can be much more than just a chip repair and therefore it can be said that it is a new console.

Is there any point in releasing the Pro version when the original consoles are still not available? We discussed it in our last podcast.

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