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He adds, however, that “what is hindering our growth and development is the lack of manpower. We are really under-capacity and that is why we are doing initiatives like the Saturday initiative.”

“We sell a lot online and on top of that we have lines of office furniture to work at home, so imagine the demand we had last year. Surely if we had had more production capacity, we would have been more successful,” Mr. Karon estimates.

“The shortage of manpower puts additional pressures [avec les mesures sanitaires] on our staff and hopefully at the end of the week we will be able to find enough new hires that will help reduce that pressure a little bit,” hopes Jerome Caron.

15 workstations per factory

On Saturday, 15 daily jobs focused on production operations will be filled at each of the factories. No prior experience is required and training is provided by the company. The manufacturer promises an hourly rate above the current minimum wage plus free weekends from noon on Friday.

Meubles South Shore is a Quebec manufacturing company that specializes in selling furniture online. Currently, approximately 1,000 employees work in four plants and three distribution centers located in Quebec, the United States, and Mexico. The company is among the best managed companies in Canada, according to the ranking made by Deloitte.

The event will take place on Saturday 5 June from 11am-1pm at 6168, rue Principal, in Sainte-Croix-de-Lotbinière, and at 323 rue de l’Union, in Coaticook. The Quebec Corporation plans to welcome the candidates in a festive spirit, with music to back it up.

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