An unprecedented massive violation of Taiwan’s airspace

In the wake of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s warnings of China’s invasion of Taiwan, 25 Chinese planes have entered Taiwan’s airspace, not the least of them …

Q = 25

25 Chinese military aircraft entered the Taiwan Air Defense Designation Zone (ADIZ) on Monday. Among the aircraft, 18 were combat aircraft, according to Taipei. Since September 2020, Chinese military aircraft have entered Taiwan’s ADIZ area on a daily basis. But the number of devices has never been greater.

Chinese indignation

Beijing has always considered the island of Taiwan an integral part of the People’s Republic of China. The US decision on April 10 to ease contacts with Taiwan representatives, which was added to statements made by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken the following day, sparked indignation in Beijing.


According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, the discovered Chinese aircraft were 4 J-10 fighters, 4 H-6K strategic bombers, 14 J-16 (SU-30 Mk2) and 2 Y-8 ASW anti-submarine warplanes. AEW KJ-500. By carrying out such a show of force, which mobilizes various aircraft, Beijing is testing the Taiwanese response – Taipei launched its own aircraft – and reminds the United States of its ability to strike.

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