An unforgettable day in the mountains with Espace jeunes!

During the development of the entertainment program for the last school holidays, Laurent Duchamp, Director of Espace jeunes, had the opportunity to organize a snowshoeing trip in the mountains on Tuesday 28 February in a fantastic environment. This was offered by the city council in return for the commitment and participation of the teens in planting a wood fence near Barth Forest in the city, which happened last year. Many young men were in attendance, all equipped with hiking boots and warm clothes to face the expected arctic cold. The group then boarded minibuses provided by LEC Grand Sud to go to the Pont d’Espagne in Cauterets. At the site, the view was breathtaking, as it snowed heavily the day before.

Joel Castran, Acompaniat’s mid-mountain guide, provided all the necessary equipment and took the entire group under his wing. The snowshoeing trip began, with the young men walking in single file in the snow, following the tracks left by Joel at the head of the group. Snowshoes on the feet made it possible to walk on snow without sinking. The scenery was gorgeous, and the guys couldn’t resist stopping to take pictures, admire the view, or throw some snowballs! After a few hours of walking, the group came to a nice place for their lunch break. Young people settled down for a walk. The hot tea and pie offered by the guide Joël were much appreciated by the young people.

After this well-deserved break, the group set out again for the second part of the journey to the frozen Lac de Job, which they crossed its entire width. All that remains is to get back to the parking lot by sliding down some powdery slopes! Tired, but happy, the young people enjoyed every moment spent in the mountains. They all agreed that they would keep an unforgettable memory of their snowshoeing trip in the mountains. In the end, this day organized by Espace jeunes allowed young people to escape from their daily lives and discover the wonders that the mountains can offer. This is a welcome initiative, demonstrating that local associations can have a real impact on young people’s lives and on their personal development. “We thank the municipality of Semiiac and the mountain guides of the Compagniet de Cauterets for this beautiful day,” says Laurent Duchamp and his group with warmth and with all their hearts.

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