An outcast survives 24 days with a bottle of ketchup

The country’s maritime authority said a drowned man in the Caribbean Sea survived for 24 days on ketchup alone before he was rescued in Colombian waters.

“I had nothing to eat, just a bottle of ketchup, garlic powder and Maggi (bouillon cubes). I mixed everything with water to live for about 24 days,” Elvis François, a 47-year-old Dominican, said in a video released by the Colombian Navy.

The survivor wrote the word “help” on the hull of his sailboat, which was found 120 nautical miles (about 220 kilometers) northwest of Puerto Bolivar, in the northern province of La Guajira.

On January 15th, I saw a plane pass by. I had a mirror and started signaling “with the sun reflecting off,” he says, “when I saw it go by twice, I understood they had seen me,” he explains.

Soon the Colombian Navy came to his rescue with the support of a merchant ship.

In December, while this Dominica resident was repairing a sailboat in front of a port on the island of Saint Martin in the northeastern West Indies, he was “taken out to sea” by bad weather, according to a statement. from the Navy.

The same source adds: “Without any knowledge of navigation, he was lost and disoriented at sea, and his efforts to maneuver the ship and the equipment on board were futile.”

Several times, he tried to make calls, but to no avail, due to lack of network.

“I couldn’t do anything but sit and wait… 24 days away from Earth, no one to talk to, not knowing what to do or where I was. It was hard, and at times I gave up hope, and I thought about my family.”

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He was handed over to the Immigration Services so that they can organize his return to Dominica.

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