An ‘iconic’ photo of the best global press photo of COVID-19

On Thursday, a Danish photographer won the prestigious World Press Photo Award for 2021, for an image of an elderly woman hugging a nurse protected from COVID-19 with plastic in Brazil, a symbol of “hope” in the eyes of a jury.

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Mads Nissen, the main prize winner of the World Press Photo Photojournalism competition, commemorates the first incubation in five months for an 85-year-old resident of a nursing home in São Paulo in August 2020.

Quarantined for a long time due to the coronavirus pandemic, she was finally able to hug a nurse thanks to a plastic device.

“This iconic photo of COVID-19 commemorates the most exceptional moments in our lives, everywhere,” said Kevin Wai Lee, a member of the jury, in a statement.

For the latter, the image of “weakness, separation and survival” is also a symbol of “hope.”

“For me, it is a story of hope and love in the most difficult times,” asserts its author, Mads Nissen, photographer of the Danish daily Politiken, who also won first prize in the “General Information, Image Only” category, thanks to a cliché.

Based in Copenhagen, it actually won the World Press Photo of the Year award in 2015 for a gay couple in Russia.

Winner of Photo Report of the Year (“World Press Photo Story of the Year”), a new major award presented in 2019, the series tells the love stories influenced by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by Italian photographer Antonio Vacilongo for Getty Reportage.

Ernesto Benavides, a freelance photographer for Agence France-Presse (AFP) based in Lima, won second prize in the “News and Reports Footage” category for a series of photos taken during demonstrations against the sacking of former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra in November. .

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More than 74,000 photos were submitted by about 4,300 photographers from around the world, 45 of whom were nominated by the judges, according to the organizers of the Amsterdam-based competition.

The award ceremony took place online this year due to the coronavirus restrictions.

AFP photographer Yasuyoshi Sheba won the Photo of the Year award for 2020, for a photo of a young man reading a poem among protesters in Sudan.

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