An explosion in an Israeli ship | Israel refers to Iran

(Jerusalem) Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said, Saturday, that Iran may be responsible for the explosion that hit an Israeli ship in the Gulf of Oman.

France Media

The MV Helios RayAn Israeli ship carrying vehicles was making the voyage between Dammam, the coastal city in eastern Saudi Arabia, and Singapore, at the time of the explosion on Thursday in northwestern Oman, according to dryad Global, a marine safety company.

When asked about the Israeli public channel, Gantz said, “The location of the boat, which is relatively close to Iran at this time, might suggest it is Iranians, but it is something that needs to be verified further.”

“It’s a preliminary estimate that takes into account proximity (to Iranian territory, Editor’s note) and context, that’s what I believe.”

Despite its denials, Israel, its archenemy, accuses Iran of seeking to acquire atomic weapons.

The Hebrew state described Iran’s decision this week to restrict inspections of its nuclear program by the International Atomic Energy Agency for its failure to lift the sanctions as an American “threat.”

Amid escalating tensions between Israel and the Islamic Republic, Dryad Global also suggested that Iran might be responsible for the explosion.

“While the details of the accident are still unclear, there is a realistic possibility that the event was the result of activity,” he said […] The company said.

In addition, “Iran is increasingly afraid of an improvement in relations between Israel and the Gulf states,” Driad Global added, referring to recent normalization agreements between the Hebrew state and countries such as the United Arab Emirates or Bahrain.

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The UK’s Office of Maritime Trade Operations informed him of the explosion, saying that “investigations are ongoing”.

The owner of the ship, Israeli businessman Rami Ongar, told Kan, that the explosion produced two holes with a diameter of about one and a half meters. He indicated that no injuries were planned among the crew and that the engine was not damaged.

He added, “It is not clear whether the explosion was” caused by missile fire or a mine attached to the boat. The boat was to be docked on Saturday in an Emirati port, according to its owner.

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