An exhibition at Espace Gibert in Lézignan-Corbières

The painter duo is on display until July 23 at 24 rue Max Dormoy

For many years, the cultural association has been programming high-quality exhibitions with famous artists, but also discoveries.

After being deprived of any event due to the health crisis, the artistic team of Espace Gibert is happy to present a duo of painters to resume their activities, even if a traditional public opening was not possible with the artists. Odd Saloni is a figurative painter on the rise and has just been recognized for her specialty, realism. : “ After the 15th International Arc Renewal Center competition, my latest work, called Case Départ, won Best trompe-l’œil Runner Up and will be shown at Sotheby’s in New York in July (1). I am grateful for the energy and time that the Arc Foundation devotes to putting contemporary realism at the forefront of the stage and offering appreciation to the fine artists for their work. Handts (Martine Wavelet) offers an art pathا : I don’t like being indexed and restricted by a type or style that prevents me from moving forward. This is why after years of figurative painting, I needed to move forward by starting a process towards abstraction and blue. Today, the alliance between the abstract and the figurative, simplicity and blue enliven my pictorial research As the artist mixes art with solidarity : “ Sharing is the reason for existence “(2).

(2) Amounts from the sale of the paintings are donated to Secours Populaire (tax-free at .75). %).
Watch the exhibition for a free visit until 23 July during the working hours of Espace Gibert (24 Dormoy Street). Intelligence : 04 68 27 30 32 or
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