“An exceptional month in the United States with my first major tournament”

Before leaving to play the PGA Tour and compete in the USPGA Championship, his first major tournament, Racing Man won the Linxea Open FFGolf Championship held this week on Albatros with the best young French amateurs.

The two-time winner of the European Tour in Dubai (in December) and then in Qatar (in March), Antoine Rosner (28) has an exceptional season. After being invited to the MatchPlay World Championship, the Frenchman seized the opportunity to beat (2up) the Bryson DeChambeau Phenomenon in the first round. A new coup allowed him to notice the Americans, a former student at the University of Missouri in Kansas City.

Now 70eGlobal seed Antoine Rosner will play his first major tournament in the upcoming USPGA (May 20-23 at Kiawah Island, South Carolina). Better yet, he received two invitations from the PGA Tour, which he was not a member of, to line up first with AT&T Byron Nelson (May 13-16 in McKinney, Texas) and then the Memorial Tournament (June 3-6 in Dublin, Ohio). A month of madness chose him to prepare for the National Golf this week, by being the leader in Linxea Open FFGolf, among young professionals and amateurs, girls and boys.

Accordingly, the youngest of the Rosner brothers added another win to his record, after three rounds (71-69-71) played in a fantastically prepared (Bar 72) tournament – the French Open should have been there. Not canceled by the European Tour – and under completely different conditions (rain on Thursday, full sun on Friday, strong winds on Saturday). “Hell test”, he summed it up before flying this Sunday to Dallas and Texas.

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Golf Figaro. Why was it important for you to participate in the Linxoa Open this week, at the Albatros du Golf National Stadium, with amateur players?

Antoine Rosner. Simply because Albatross is one of the best courses in France and Europe. During those three days, it was a hell of a test. There is no better preparation for me than playing here this week, in this tournament, in such circumstances. It is very important for me to play well and make good shots. I know these are golf shots we should also play on the ring. It is a very good scenario.

You played with amateurs who will definitely be among the best Frenchmen tomorrow, do you feel responsible for them?

No, not more than that, because they are very well supervised and know exactly what to do. I don’t have advice for them. I think they are already mature enough for their age. I think they are all doing well. The union is also doing a good job and I have nothing to add to it.

“Not that I’m going to the States I’m going to turn my whole game upside down. For me, the goal is really to be part of the continuity.”

Do you find any similarities with you today at their age or have you ever changed profiles a lot?

I played the first two rounds with Tom Vaillant (a member of the French amateur team preparing for the 2022 World Championship at Golf National, editor’s note). He’s a very nice boy so we had two very good eighteen year olds. Was nice. I think a future was born for him. He comes from different sports, pretty much like me who also played a lot of different sports when I was younger before golf. I find it good. He has good potential.

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Why is it important to confuse amateurs, girls and boys, and professionals?

It is simply a form of professional support for everyone. There is no reason why this should only be open to men, not to women. It is very much appreciated by all French golfers in general, both professional and amateur. I think this is a very good initiative.

Since your success in Qatar and then WGC-MatchPlay and your victory over Bryson DeChambeau, I have returned to France and this week I played among the hobbyists at Golf National. Do we have to understand that you got off your little cloud?

Yeah, yeah … after that, I still hope to keep it as long as possible, on this little cloud! I think I’ll spend an exceptional month in the US there. So I try to prepare as best I can, and whatever happens, it will be a great experience for me. Here, I work as best I can and then we’ll see what happens.

Have you identified the key success factors that will be coming to the US for this month?

For the next month? No, no … I think we just have to play golf well! (Laugh)

What does this mean to you today?

This means I have to stay focused and focused on my game. No errors. I must know how to keep my focus on my routine, on what I can control, and on all of my strengths. Here. However, it is a process that I work on constantly. It’s a constant requirement and something I work year-round, week in week. So it is more of a continuation than a direct goal. Not because I’m going to the States I’m going to turn my whole game upside down, for me, the goal is really to be part of the continuity.

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Do you know which training courses you’ll be playing in the US: at the TPC Craig Ranch in McKinney (Texas), Ocean Course in Kiawah Island (South Carolina), and at Muirfield Village Golf Club (Ohio)?

No, I didn’t play any of these courses while I was in college in the United States. I saw some snapshots of Kiawah Island, but nothing more. I will find out everything about her right away. I look into the future.

In recent weeks, how do you see how others view you? Have they changed?

Yes exactly. I can see that when I go to La Boulie, I get a little crazy with the kids! It’s not easy to manage however, but yes, of course, my win in Qatar and then the MatchPlay World Championship changed things. He’s talked a lot, all of it, that’s for sure, but hey, here it is …

How do you deal with that?

It is not clear. You should know that I cannot say “yes” to everything or to everyone. I don’t want to say “no” to everything either. So it’s a happy medium to be found and I think for now, it’s okay. I handle it well, but I have to be careful not to leave too many feathers in there either. Then I also want to make some time for myself …

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