An exceptional garden takes root at Espace Louis-Coz in Plabennec – Plabennec

The rehabilitation process carried out around the Espace Louis-Cuz in Blabenik is continuing. The development work is visible. Part of the parking lot has been redesigned to facilitate traffic, and eventually a multi-sport floor will allow Anim’ados youth to take advantage of sports equipment.

Earthworks were carried out by Sparfel, and the city green space department handled the finishes and maintenance. The choices are intended to reduce human interference.

Small groups will take place near Espace Louis-Coz, but the park will be a “green lung in the middle of the city,” notes Jean-Michel Londer, an associate working. Traveling by foot and bike towards Justin Island and in general in the city will be facilitated.

Recycling and Biodiversity

Four tables and three chaise longues were distributed in the garden because if it was a place for passage, it would also become a place for rest and play.These urban furniture items were made from recycled materials, more precisely plastic bottles.

The flower meadow will also see the light of day. David Wattecamps, responsible for the green spaces and the roads, selected native species such as cedar of Lebanon, deodora cedar, pine wallichiana, Indian lilac to set the paths … In all, 400 plants will decorate the garden. In the meadow, a specific area will receive chips. This is where the bug hotel and titmouse nest boxes will be installed.

Near the Espace Louis-Coz there is a slab that delineates the space for the bicycle room where it will be possible to recharge your home. The book chest also has a specific location and the kiosk will provide shelter. It will be a comfort and withdrawal zone.

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