An engineer fixes a 15-year-old Xbox 360 profile picture

An Xbox gamer complained on Twitter that his Xbox 360 profile picture purchased 15 years ago is gradually shrinking. They are not suitable for current machines. So the Xbox engineer was in charge of fixing this image.

Players on Xbox can keep their profile picture, also called gamerpic, that they have from Xbox 360. However, these pictures aren’t ideal for modern consoles. Square avatars for the Xbox 360 era gradually shrinks. They go so far as to become a little square in the gray circle of the avatar.

Gamerpic Xbox – Credit: Microsoft

The player Gabriel Roland complained Twitter His Pac-Man Ghost gets smaller and smaller with each new generation of consoles. His tweet quickly spread widely Xbox engineer Sign it. Then I decided to correct the image of Pac-Man. It also made sure to spread the fix to all players.

Xbox 360 games shrink with each new generation of consoles

Gabriel Roland tweeted: “ With each new generation that passes, Xbox tries to shame my phantom Pac-Man avatar by shrinking it further and further. I will not give up. I Bought This Gamerpic For 80xbox Points In 2006 And I’d Fail If There Wasn’t A Better Dollar I Spent Until The Sea Overflowed Under his tweet, other Xbox players shared their similar situation. Their Xbox 360 game is rather small. Anyway, he’s never satisfied. xbox avatar circular frame.

Xbox engineer Eden Marie responded: I’m going to make it my personal mission to make sure you can review this game with absurdly huge pixels She shared on her Twitter account all the steps to fix the Pac-Man avatar. She had to get the same avatar not for $1, but for $2.38 to test it out at the end. Eden Marie privately explained that: Most xbox 360 games are designed to display as a square and don’t tolerate cutting circles very well This explains why Avatars of the Xbox 360 Era It’s too small for consoles today.

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Xbox 360 games will now display correctly on Xbox Series

Finally, the Pac-Man avatar has regained its former glory thanks to Eden Marie. It also specified the following: In the Experimental Team we have something called exploration time which allows us to use half a day every week for anything random So I took advantage of this time to fix old games. From now on, players are in the Xbox Insiders Program, which also allows Night mode and 4K interface testing on Xbox Series X. Received a fix from gamerpic. this will be It will be rolling out soon to all other players.

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