An Australian investor arrives at AS Cannes

Australian Federation President Craig Carterter said he is ready to invest heavily in the Cannes club, which was relegated to the second division last season, to return it to the summit in the medium term.

Last year was relegated to the second divisionSeason immediately after the conquest The tenth title of French champion in its history, AS was already drawing the contours of the rebirth. This Saturday, the Riviera Club – which receives Nancy at the Palace of Victory for the sixteenth day of the tournament – announced the signing of a great partnership, which is likely to turn it into another dimension.

The lead investor is well known and recognized in the world of volleyball because he is Craig Carraquer, President of the Australian Federation. This former beach player has many hats: Member of the Board of Directors of the Asian Confederation (CAVB), Chairman of the Asian Beach Volleyball Committee as well as Member of the Board of Directors of the International Federation (FIVB) and the Board of Directors of the Australian Olympic Committee. He is also co-founder and owner of Scape Australia, a major student accommodation group in Australia as well as in the UK and US.

His arrival is synonymous with a new impetusFrançois-Xavier Bautmann, who took over the Cannes club ten months ago with Liberto Zaragoza, confirms to return the club to the financial and sporting track. The two projects have been linked through a combination of circumstances but the financial contribution will represent approximately a quarter of our current budget and will extend over at least 5 years. » The first funds have already arrived to launch the roadmap that has been drawn up, under the benevolent eye of the mayor, David Lesnard: a return to the elite next season and then a gradual return to the front, up to the continental scene with which Cannes maintains a strong relationship: in 1981, it became ASC was the first French club, all team sports combined, to win a European title (CEV Cup), before winning a second title in 1999 (Coupe des Coupes).

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“I look forward to working with AS Cannes to return to the glory days of this great team.The Australian businessman said in a statement. Our sport plays a very important role in the local community, but also in the region, and its contribution to national growth is paramount, in the run-up to the Olympic Games Paris 2024. To be involved and contribute so much to the life of such a big club is a real opportunity for me. I am pleased to sign a great partnership. »

Two of his relatives, Matteo Mirio – who worked with Karacher in the Australian Federation – are currently responsible for the organization of various volleyball events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2024, in addition to the Italian coach Roberto Santelli, who is coaching Kevin Tiley in Warsaw He will accompany him on the adventure. Which could take several directions, with the creation of a string of Australian players on the Côte d’Azur as well as the development of the beach pole of the club founded in 1942.

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