An attractive teacher motivates students more to do their homework

It must be admitted… Beauty can make everyday life easier. Studies have shown, for example, that people who are considered physically attractive, Seen More efficient. This phenomenon is even visible in the classroom since a study was published in Frontiers in Psychology It reveals that students are more motivated to do their homework if they find their teacher Attractive Good He wears.

teachers: Formal wear that students judge most favorably

University researchers Suceava (Romania) Behind this work, 173 students between the ages of 9 and 14 were recruited. I saw a teacher’s picture collection that is considered attractive (As assessed during a pilot study, editor’s note) While the other group had a picture of a less elegant female teacher. In fact, there was the same 24-year-old woman, dressed differently, in the photos.

“Although the aim of the pilot study was not to classify the teachers’ clothing into two categories, based on the clothing indicators, it can easily be concluded that attractive represents formal professional attire, while unattractive is closer to informal style.”Explanation of the authors of the scientific article.

Then the children had to listen to a six-minute audio recording. They are told that it is the woman in the photo. Participants’ perception of the speaker’s personality was assessed through questionnaires. The results showed that there were significant differences in the children’s view of the teacher’s personality, teaching quality, expected grades, and their openness to school activities according to their perception of the attractiveness of school clothes.

the Students who are more attentive with a teacher who is considered attractive

In detail, students were willing to do homework or extra work, listen more carefully in class, and stay put after school when they see that their teacher is attractive. In addition, a teacher judged as “attractive” and “well-dressed” was more likely to be seen as having a positive personality and a good teacher.

For scientists, it may be interesting to establish their own dress code teachers, because There seems to be a positive effect on the students. However, they acknowledge that more research is needed to understand the mechanisms by which teachers’ clothing affects children.

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