An athlete from Regen approaches her Olympic dream

As a member of the national team for the past eight years, Quinn Dornstauder is now a finalist to join the team that will play in the upcoming Olympic Games.

I have lived in Regina since I was five so I consider myself a proud Regina.

Quote from:Quinn Dornstauder, athlete

The young athlete was able to play her sport all over the world. Significantly played in Section 1 of National Collegiate Athletic Association In the United States with Arizona State University Sun Devils, Before setting foot in Spain, where she has played for the past four seasons of AE Sedis Basquet.

Training in an epidemic situation

Like many other athletes, Quinn Dornstauder has had to redouble his efforts and creativity to continue his training in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was really hard to find a place to train, but I was lucky to have access to quite a few sports centers. My training usually consists of weightlifting, cardio, and of course basketball.

She says her final season, in Europe, is still going well, even though it was in different conditions than it was in previous years.

The young woman prepares to join the rest of the national team this weekend in Edmonton. She is one of 20 or so athletes shortlisted to take part in the training camp. The athletes who will participate in the Tokyo Olympics will then be finalized.

There is a lot of talent in the team and it’s a very competitive level, but I can’t wait to get there. Last summer we weren’t able to do this camp, so it will be more than a year since the team hasn’t found each otherThe athlete explains enthusiastically.

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Its roots are in Regina

Quinn Dorstauder, a former student at Dr. Martin Lepoldus School in Regina, started playing basketball in the provincial capital. Much of her education happened in the immersion program in French, a language she learned when she was younger.

There are a lot of talented players in Regina and I think the city is taken lightly most of the time, but there are actually a lot of people and players here who have helped me improve my style.

The athlete sees himself playing professionally for a few more years and hopes to have the opportunity to participate in the next Olympic Games, after the one in Tokyo.

In the meantime, she is taking the time to rest and enjoy her family in the city in which she grew up.

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