An anti-mosquito operation was organized in Lourmont after the discovery of a case of dengue fever

Lormont residents will witness a strange street cleaning on the evening of Monday, September 5th. The municipality announces on its Facebook account that a Mosquito control process On public roads, near the Camus, Montaigne and Pôle Brassens Camus sectors. This is the placecase of dengue feverIt is most often transmitted by the tiger mosquito. Therefore, the regional health agency requested that this operation be carried out.

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Bring laundry and cover the swimming pools

Chemotherapy will begin at 10 pm. The municipality states that mosquito control with this type of product is “highly regulated” and that it is only usedIn the event of force majeureAs it is today.” Insecticides will be sprayed from the car, but also with portable devices in hard-to-reach places. Very annoying.

Therefore, the municipality of Lormont recommends:

  • Bring laundry, food or toys outside
  • Bring or remove animals
  • Covering swimming pools, ponds and sand pits
  • Close the windows facing the highway
  • Stay away from processing equipment
  • Once the mosquito control process is completed, rinse the garden furniture and children’s toys with clear water and wait three days to consume fruits and vegetables from the garden

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