An agreement has been signed to move the co-working space at Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerc’h – Pont-de-Buis

Work on converting the old Pont-de-Buis Town Hall into a co-working space was completed more than two years ago, and the building has not yet been used, due to the lack of a structure to coordinate the buildings. This is now done.

The co-working space will be taken care of by the Coworkpic Association, which has been installed since 2017 in Crozon. The agreement was signed Friday, at Pont-de-Buis-lès-Quimerc’h Town Hall, by Mickaël Kerneis, President of the Community of Municipalities on the Crozon-Aulne Peninsula Maritime (CCPCAM), Irene Soler, actress de. Cowokrpic, in the presence of Pascal Brigent, Mayor of Pont-de-Buis and Vice President of Economics at CCPCAM, as well as Agnès Payraudeau, of Coworkpic.

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The mission will begin on June 1 and will make it possible to introduce two driving forces to the region: Crozon to the west and Pont de Puy to the east. The community of municipalities will develop buildings and support entrepreneurship in this common space. “The goal of CoWorkPic is to develop and manage a co-working space based on citizens in a participatory manner,” defines Agnès Payraudeau.


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