An agreement between Washington and Huawei to return its financial director to China

New York | On Friday, the US judiciary ratified an agreement between Washington and Huawei allowing the financial director of the Chinese telecommunications giant, who is under house arrest in Canada for three years, to return to China, after a long legal battle and tensions between Beijing, Washington and Ottawa.

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At a public hearing in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, US Department of Justice representative David Kessler proposed a “delay” until 1He is December 2022 “Lawsuits” began since the end of 2018 against the CFO, Meng Wanzhou, in particular for “conspiracy” to commit “bank fraud”.

Mr. Kessler specified that his department would recommend to the Canadian authorities “release” Meng Wanzhou, without payment of a financial guarantee, and that it would de facto give up any request for extradition to the United States for sentencing there.

Meng Wanzhou, 49, daughter of the founder of telecom giant Huawei, was arrested at Vancouver airport on 1He is December 2018, at the request of Washington, which wanted her to be privately tried for “bank fraud”.

Meng Wanzhou remotely appeared in the video and spoke in Mandarin. Under the terms of the agreement with the US government – that The Wall Street Journal She was the first to unveil it on Friday – and the chief financial officer has pleaded “not guilty” to the lawsuits against her.

After a hearing that lasted more than an hour, Brooklyn Federal District Judge Ann Donne formally approved the deal, which she described as “serious.”

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If this Agreement is not challenged or breached by 1He is December 2022 (four years after the CFO’s arrest), the charges will be dropped, according to a US Department of Justice representative.

strong tensions

By accepting this legal deal, three years of legal battle and sometimes very strong economic and political tensions between Beijing, Washington and Ottawa should end.

A US judiciary has charged the Chinese telecom giant’s number two man with lying to an HSBC bank executive during a meeting in Hong Kong in 2013, about links between the Chinese group and a subsidiary called Skycom that sold equipment to Iran, exposing the institution. to US sanctions.

according to The Wall Street JournalIn the details of the agreement, Huawei’s CFO had agreed to recognize some minor “mistakes” in exchange for “postponing” and then “giving up” on bank fraud charges.

The applicant has long denied these accusations.

The Chinese government has estimated, since 2018, that the US administration – at the time of President Donald Trump – was seeking above all to weaken Huawei, the leading Chinese manufacturer and world leader in 5G equipment and networks, unparalleled in American terms.

In recent weeks, lawyers for MI Meng again argued that the US had filed an “abusive” lawsuit against her client.

Canada, in a way, was caught up in the Sino-American turmoil, he remembers The Wall Street Journal, who speculated that the agreement between Washington and Beijing also leads to the release of a businessman and a former diplomat, both Canadians, being held in China: Michael Spavor, who has been sentenced to 11 years in prison for espionage, and Michael Kovrig, in custody in China and awaiting sentencing.

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According to the American newspaper, the Joe Biden administration would have resumed consultations on the Huawei file, especially in light of Mr.I Meng to his family in China, after nearly three years of forced residence in Canada.

The deal also comes a week after a stunning announcement by the US, Australia and the UK to supply nuclear-powered submarines to Canberra. A huge contract displeased France, which signed a preliminary contract with Australia for thermal-powered submarines – and which angered China, which sees it as a hostile act of Western countries.

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