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During the meeting, US Vice President Kamala Harris spoke via video conference with members of the Pacific Islands Forum. He announced the intention of the Biden-Harris administration by opening two new embassies in Tonga and Kiribati, in addition to the announcement of an embassy in Honiara (Solomon Islands), by appointing a special envoy to the forum. .

The beginning of a new US national strategy in the region, which has become more geopolitically strategic.

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In addition to the Forum’s 2050 Strategy for the Blue Continent, the development of a section dedicated to Oceania within the Indo-Pacific Strategy was also discussed.

The Fijian president and chairman of the forum, for his part, recalled how the “climate change crisis” threatened the security and sovereignty of many Pacific nations.

Vice President Harris presented a new coordinating body in the Pacific region, the Partners in Blue Pacific (PPP), an all-fund pool launched in Washington by the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United-United States, to finance the forum’s infrastructure needs of $2.1 billion. This initiative is subject to consultation between the forum and PPP members.

The afternoon was devoted to dialogue with representatives of the private sector (Pacific Islands Private Sector Organization -PIPSO) and civil society, and then with regional organizations that are members of the Regional Council of Organizations of the Pacific (CROP).

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