Americans will be able to earn McDonald’s for life

In December, Americans will have the opportunity to win one of the legendary McDonald’s Gold Cards, which allows them to eat at the chain’s restaurants for free.

The promotion, which is limited to the United States, revolves around an age-old urban legend that various American personalities, such as billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, carry McGold cards that entitle them to free meals at some or all of the chain’s restaurants, as established.

Actor Rob Lowe has also fueled the phenomenon by showing off his Gold Card, which he received from a friend with six privileges, on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” For his part, former Vice President Mitt Romney claimed that his father holds a similar card.

Starting December 5, Americans from all walks of life can try for a McGold Card. Every customer who purchases a McDonald’s menu item through the chain’s app will automatically be entered into the contest that ends on Christmas Day.

“Our fans are fascinated by the legend of McGold Cards and whether it really exists. Now we’re making that legend a reality by giving them the ultimate Christmas gift,” said Tariq Hasan, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience for McDonald’s USA.

Three winners will be chosen in the United States, and each will receive three additional cards to give to their loved ones, for a total of 12 McGold cards in play.

The cards entitle the holder to a meal at McDonald’s twice a week for 50 years.

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