Americans continue to flee California and wildfires



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By 2020, climate refugees will outnumber those displaced by the conflict. Rich Or poor, no one is saved in California (USA).

Jennifer Cashman’s house in California (USA) is nothing more than a pile of ashes. Three years ago, a terrible fire devastated it Itstat The American who destroyed tens of thousands of homes. “As soon as I saw the fire and realized we had lost everything, I immediately made it clear that I had to leave California. I can not be there after living. It’s such a shocking thing.”, Frankly Jennifer Cashman.

“I never thought I would experience such trauma. Sometimes I see a therapist to trust me, and I shed tears.”, Adds Ryan Cashman. Like the Cashmans, thousands of families are fleeing Western America. Climate migrants are often associated with arid regions in developing countries. However, more than 75% of the population lives in the United States due to wildfires.


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