American sports: A bad idea for an NFL player to lose weight


American sportsBad idea for an NFL player to lose weight

Leonard Fournette had to lose several pounds for the new NFL season. But the technology used is not the best…

Leonard Fournette must regain his ideal weight.
Leonard Fournette must regain his ideal weight.IMAGO / Icon SMI

Athletes may want to enjoy their holidays, but they should constantly monitor their weight. When they come back from vacation, passing on the Libra is always a fateful moment. If the weight is too high, there is no time to lose, a special program has been developed by the coaches to help vacationers regain their ideal weight.

Tampa Buccaneers player and Tom Brady teammate, Leonard Fournette, arrived at pre-season training camp with a weight of 117 kg. Much according to the employees of “Bucs”, the ideal weight of Fournette was fixed at 103 kg. Since then, running backwards has tried to lose his excess mass by using an original technique: the sauna. The player sweats lightly and loses water weight. This technique is also used by MMA fighters before entering the octagon.

dehydration risk

However, it is a wrong good idea in the long run. The loss of water can lead to dehydration and heat-related illness, Mike Ryan, a former NFL physical trainer, told Yahoo Sports.

“High-level athletes who need to lose weight have a better time training for a long time in hot weather, while staying well hydrated. I have seen many NFL players skip this method to reach their ideal weight in training camp, which often affects their safety and performance,” adds Mike Ryan.

On the Fortnite clan’s side, we assure you that this weight story will only be an old memory once the official matches resume in September. Will Fortnite be able to run through the arenas again at his insane speed? In 2017, while playing for the Jacksonville Jaguars, he reached 35.48 km/h in the race, making him the fastest man in the NFL this season. If Tom Brady intends to win the Vince Lombardi Cup for the eighth time, he will obviously need Fortnite at the peak of his potential…

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