American football and baseball are played in Bo

American football and baseball are two of the most popular sports in the United States. More secretive in France, it’s possible to do it in Pau.

Sports are an integral part of American culture. Among the most popular sports across the channel are baseball and American football. Specialties things to do in Pau.


Every year, the Superbowl, the final of American football’s championship, sets records for audiences around the world. If the exploits of Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes make you want to take up this major, then… Sphinx of Pau
There to make you discover this very tactical discipline.

They also offer flag practice, a kind of offline American football. Team Pau distinguishes itself in this discipline with many members winning European and world titles.


Do you love baseball and love to watch Chicago Cubs or San Francisco Giants games? cougars
Bring the sport to life in Boo! Developing in the third division of the French Championship, Pumas offers the practice of this sport, but also of its derivative, softball.

We discover these specialties tonight in 100% clubs in France Bleu BĂ©arn Bigorre

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