American democracy is in bad shape

Today and tomorrow, a democracy summit will be held in Washington. The host country has more lessons to learn than to give about it.

Although the United States avoided the worst of the past year by failing to re-elect an authoritarian and demagogic president, the prospects for American democracy remain bleak.

When addressing the participants at his summit, Joe Biden would do well to skip the clichés and explain how he intends to reverse the collapse of democracy in his country.

dangerous rebound

In a recent report, the International Institute for Democracy and Elections (IDEA) first identified the United States as a declining democracy. It’s worrying.

Liberal democracy depends in particular on free and fair elections, respect for rights and the rule of law, as well as a firm commitment to truth and tolerance in public discourse and debate.

On all of these fronts, we see a profound decline in the United States, many of which are the result of the extremism of the Republican Party.

slippery slope

La propension des républicains pour le tripotage des cartes électorales et la suppression du vote des groupes qui leur sont opposés ne date pas d’hier, mais leurs efforts récents pour faciliter la contestation et l’annulation de résultats éentrefactorable as constitucé democracy.

All of this, of course, stems from the big lie of Donald Trump, who has insisted on promoting – without any evidence – the myth of the stolen elections in 2020. Worse, his fighters have fired many election officials with threats and replaced them with Trumpists who would not. Feel free to mess with the results in 2024.

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One might have thought that after a mandate marked by a torrent of lies and countless manifestations of bigotry, Republicans would have sought to revive the commitment they once demonstrated to truth and tolerance, but they have continued to prove Trump’s lies, demonizing and ignoring their opponents. civility.

As for respect for the law, we can no longer count the unlawful acts committed publicly and with impunity by Trump or his associates, including those who mock the commission’s official notifications of the events of January 6th.

democracy is bad

Meanwhile, the Democrats appear to have entered a slingshot artillery battle. It is enough for them to reach an agreement among themselves to pass a law protecting the integrity of the elections, but no one seems to be in a hurry to act.

The events of January 6 should have sufficed to demonstrate the urgency of defending democratic institutions, but the commission responsible for examining them was slow to start and its work seemed to be stalled.

In short, American democracy is in disrepair.

At home, our leaders do not hesitate to express their concern about setbacks to democracy everywhere else in the world. Perhaps it is time to do the same with our closest neighbours.

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