America points to the influence of the Wagner group

The U.S. declarations are a way to discredit Mali’s decision by attributing it to the Russian group Wagner, which Bamako says operates under the name “”. National sovereignty. While the White House has confirmed that Mali has paid more than $200 million to Wagner’s group since the end of 2021, it has not provided any details to support its influence on the decision to end Minusma.

Influence or advice?

On the other hand, Mali’s interim authorities conducted their coordination with Russia: the interim president, Colonel Azimi KoitaGlad to be on social media for engaging in conversation.” Direct and honest “With Vladimir Putin, two days before Mali’s request to leave” Without delay of Minusma. On Friday, June 30, after the vote of the Security Council that recorded the decision of MINUSMA, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali, Abdoulaye Diop, again announced on social networks that he had an interview with his Russian counterpart. Sergey Lavrov, specifically about Minuzma’s departure, without providing further details about the content of their exchanges.

At the very least, the political scenario suggests a form of consultation between Mali and its new Russian strategic ally.

Wagner would take advantage of Minusma’s departure

It is clear that the Russian paramilitary group will directly benefit from this departure, without prejudging Wagner’s initial role in Mali’s demand for the withdrawal of Minusma. The UN mission’s human rights investigations continue to accuse the Malian military and its Russian counterparts of abuses against civilians. These studies no longer exist. The Malian army and the Wagner Group could also invest in United Nations bases as they recaptured the French-held Bargan base.

Does Mali intend to strengthen Wagner’s presence in the north? Is this point already covered by a strategy? The departure of the Blue Helmets will create a security vacuum that will benefit jihadist groups and should be compensated. Bamaga has not disclosed its plans in this regard yet.

Peace treaty

Signatories with respect to the armed groups of the North 2015 Peace Accord, they, for their part, worry about the intentions of the colonels in power. Without openly and openly expressing it in a public way, they fear that the Malian army will depend on the Wagner group to restart the wars because they don’t care because they have blue helmets.

Signatory armed groups fear that the end of MINUSMA will thus be a precursor to the end of the peace accord. Before the Security Council on Friday, Mali’s diplomatic chief reiterated Mali’s commitment to implementing the deal.

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