America is finally reopening its borders

The United States is preparing to reopen its ground and air borders to passengers vaccinated against COVID-19 on Monday, ending a 20-month embargo that has been badly enjoyed, especially in Europe or neighboring Mexico and Canada.

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Separated families, disrupted business relationships, and career aspirations were thwarted: a “travel ban” imposed by Donald Trump in early 2020, later confirmed by his successor, Joe Biden, which has become widely criticized and has become a symbol of the uprisings caused by the epidemic.

In order to protect against countries most affected by the Govt-19 disease, Donald Trump imposed rapid restrictions on travel from China in February 2020. Then on March 13, Schengen was the turn of the European countries. A few days later Great Britain and Ireland followed, while the land borders with Mexico and Canada were largely closed.

With all these countries, the density of human and economic exchanges is immense.

“It was so hard,” “I want to see my son,” said Alison Henry, 63, of Britain, who flew to New York on Monday after 20 to find her son, AFP. Said separated for several months.

In many families, on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, there is a lot of excitement before this family reunites. It has been possible to travel from the United States to Europe since last summer, but there is no guarantee that foreigners residing in the United States and holders of certain visas will be able to return home.

To cope with the arrival of these requirements, airlines have increased the number of Atlantic overseas flights. They will use larger aircraft because removing these restrictions also means breathing fresh air into a sector that is in crisis due to an epidemic.

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Many U.S. cities on the massive Mexico border, Texas or California, have been hit hard by the embargo. They are eagerly waiting to return to normal.

Also, in the north of the continent, wealthy Canadian retirees can, without fear, make their annual change by car to Florida and its climatic cuisine during the first frost.

More than thirty countries have been affected by the lifting of the “travel ban”. But entry will not be completely free and U.S. officials will want to closely monitor passengers’ vaccination status, while they will continue to demand negative Govt tests.

From Monday, the United States will require airlines to establish a communications surveillance system for passengers arriving by air, in addition to a test within three days of proof of vaccination and departure.

For the overpass, restrictions will be lifted in two stages.

From Monday, those arriving for reasons deemed unnecessary, for example family or travel, will be able to cross the border into Canada or Mexico if they are vaccinated. Exemptions will be given to those who come for compelling reasons – for example truck drivers.

But from January, the vaccination duty will apply to all visitors crossing land borders, regardless of the reason for entry.

U.S. health officials have indicated that all vaccines approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) will be accepted.

For now, according to the emergency procedure placed by the WHO, these are the vaccines AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer / Bioendech, Indian Kovacin, Sinoform and Sinovac. So these two Chinese vaccines make it possible to cross the borders of the United States.

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U.S. officials have not yet commented on the increase in the number of Govt cases in Europe.

The WHO is once again warning of the “most alarming” rate of the spread of Govt-19 in Europe, which could lead to an additional half million deaths on the continent by February. This fourth “massive” wave is hitting Germany in particular, with the Biden administration particularly concerned about its relationship.

But US Chief Medical Officer Vivek Murthy told the ABC channel on Sunday that he was “cautiously optimistic” about the current evolution of the epidemic in the United States.

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