Amelie de Montchalin, the future ambassador? Rumors that anger the Quai d’Orsay

From Massy to Madrid? Having been forced to relinquish her position as Minister for Environmental Transformation after her defeat in the legislative elections in Essonne, Amelie de Montchalin can be appointed to head a prestigious embassy. Anyway, that’s what has been whispered in the corridors of the State Department for a few days now. Because if the rumor that the former Minister of State for European Affairs could be appointed as France’s ambassador in Rome was denied by a “source familiar with the matter” with a journalist from Opinion On Monday, July 11, he may return to another position of the same scope at the Quai d’Orsay.

According to our information, Amelie de Montchalin will be contacted at the French Embassy in London or Madrid, a date that can be confirmed in the future Cabinet. The same idea excites many diplomats in the ministry. It would be really troubling for Emmanuel Macron to appoint someone with no experience in diplomacy to these coveted positions. Seasoned diplomat worries with Marianne. Indeed, positions in the G20 or G7 – of which the UK is a member – are in high demand. In these embassies, the nature of the files being dealt with (immigration, EU, economy, culture, etc.) is so diverse that the level of responsibility of the ambassador is very high … and requires expertise.

According to a diplomat interviewed by Marianne, there are indications that Amelie de Montchalin could become an ambassador to a European country: She said she wanted to continue serving the interests of the French people and practicing politics. Having a position in a country close to France will allow her to stay near Paris to continue working on her network and in the event the government is dissolved, she won’t be far…”. Moreover, since the appointment of the new Secretary of State Catherine Colonna, the position of ambassador in London remains vacant…

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A harmful and counterproductive signal.

And the diplomats’ anger is all the more important because the appointment of Amelie de Montchalin as head of the embassy would be a “A harmful and useless sign of the spirit of reform” Senior official thought of Marianne. Indeed, the former foreign minister in charge of European affairs is at the origin of the – highly controversial – reform of the senior civil service, which abolishes the diplomatic corps.

It would be very surprising if the main proponent of reform eventually became the beneficiary. This reform was decided in the name of abolition of the division of administration. There we appoint a former minister and more without any diplomatic experience.” The diplomat admits, who, if the rumor is confirmed, does not hide his hostility to Amelie de Montchalin: “We will surely cooperate in a cold friendship. »

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