Ambassadors of 14 countries including South Korea in talks with Taliban Acting Foreign Minister l KBS WORLD

Photo: Yonhap News

Ambassadors of 14 countries, including South Korea, met with the Taliban’s acting foreign minister.

According to the South Korean Foreign Ministry announcement yesterday, South Korean Ambassador to Afghanistan Choi Tae-ho and his counterparts from 13 countries met with Amir Khan the day before, Mottaki at a restaurant in Doha, Qatar.

This is the first time that an interview between a South Korean official and a Taliban diplomat has been revealed to the press.

In detail, diplomats from 14 countries, including the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Italy and Qatar, called for the new Afghan regime, among others, to guarantee human rights and especially women’s rights, to create a tolerant government to prevent terrorism and protect humanitarian activities.

In return, the acting head of Taliban diplomacy called on the international community to recognize his government, lift economic sanctions, and freeze its accounts abroad.

The South Korean diplomat also explained that while the new Afghan government meets international standards and guarantees basic rights and does not welcome terrorists on its soil, Seoul intends to work with it.

* Image source: Zabihullah (Twitter account of the Taliban spokesperson)

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