Amazon’s Alexa Moves Into Space And More News From Last Frontier

Alexa, open the doors to iPod Bay.

Amazon’s voice assistant didn’t quite live up to HAL, the iconic artificial intelligence of 2001: A Space Odyssey. However, this week we learned that Alexa will go to space later this year, and around the Moon, for a technical presentation on the Orion space capsule as part of NASA’s Artemis 1 mission.

Join us for this episode of the podcast by veteran space correspondent Alan Boyle, editor-in-chief. To explain what Alexa will do during the mission, and what the experimental partners — Lockheed Martin, Amazon, and Cisco — hope to demonstrate in the process.

Then we discuss some The main stages of the year spent in space, including Blue Origin that took the first paying passenger on a commercial suborbital flight, as well as features from SpaceX, Virgin Galactic, and others. And we look forward to upcoming events to watch out for, as detailed by Alan in Annual summary of the space and its overview.

And in the final part, we’re back down to earth, as podcast producer Kurt Melton and I talking about Celebrity Chef. The Amazing Revelation of Gordon Ramsay About what we thought was a well-known company on Amazon.

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Also discover Alan’s podcast, Science Fiction.

Besides, we used Alexa Skills Plans For Alexa to appear as HAL at the opening of this week’s show. You’ll hear a completely different answer if you ask Alexa the same question on your own device.

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