Amazon warehouse in Alabama | New vote envisaged to create a union

(New York) The company said Monday that a US Labor Law Agency (NLRB) official has recommended a new vote on whether to form a union at its Amazon warehouse in Alabama.

The latter, which represents US distribution employees, filed several appeals in April accusing the online commerce giant of “unlawful conduct” after a failed attempt to regulate on the site.

In a statement, RWDSU said the NLRB official in charge of the case “has determined that Amazon violated the Employment Act.”

So this local NLRB official recommends “suspend the results of the vote and organize a second vote.”

The text of her recommendation was not immediately available on the NLRB website.

After an intense campaign, employees at the Amazon warehouse in Bessemer refused to create a union, which would have been the first to appear on the company’s US site.

The small town of Alabama received a lot of attention at the time, with the vote seeing support for union workers — artists, Democratic and Republican parliamentarians, and even President Joe Biden — and Amazon, whose business has boomed during the pandemic.

RWDSU believes that Amazon, which is vehemently opposed to any union, has used illegal practices and intimidation to achieve its ends.

The group is accused of placing a ballot box outside the factory to monitor polling by camera, threatening employees with dismissal or loss of benefits and other aggressive tactics.

A company spokesperson responded Monday: “Our employees had the opportunity to have their voices heard during a turbulent period when all kinds of voices were affecting the national debate, and in the end, they voted massively” against the creation of a union. A letter was sent to AFP.

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“Their voices should be heard louder than others and we plan to appeal to make sure of that,” he added.

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