Amazon Prime Video has launched a new sharing feature

Have you ever spent hours desperately searching for a specific scene from a movie or series on the internet to show those around you? Well now it will be a shot on Amazon Prime Video…

In addition to offering lots and lots of new content, and even quality, platforms are vying for ideas to give us richer entertainment experiences than ever before. And in this area, we can say that Amazon Prime Video has been working well for a long time thanks to the X-Ray function, which gives special access to rewards but also various information related to the program being played, such as the actors we watch or the music we hear in the scene that appears on the screen. Instead of resting on its laurels, the e-commerce giant’s popular streaming service recently lifted the veil on an entirely new feature, also exclusive, this time under the Share tag.

While, like its competitors, it is already progressing”Watch parties“that allow Watching content together, remotely, the platform now invites its subscribers to share excerpts from their favorite shows on social networks. Because who has never felt the need to share a wonderful, funny or touching scene with their loved ones? Well, instead of searching for the footage in question on the Internet, hoping someone will (illegally) upload it, or fail to send a poor quality recording taken from their smartphone, it will now be possible to select the desired snippet yourself and send it directly from Amazon Prime Video!

Job is currently restricted…

simply intentionallyShare a clip” (Translation : “Share a clip‘), this function takes the form of a button that will appear among the controls while the content is playing on the platform. Simply click on it to create a 30-second clip, which can be adjusted to start and finish in the good times, using the preview capability before sending so that the clip can be shared directly from Platform on social networks Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp or even by text via Apple’s iMessage tool. Also note that this new functionality is currently only available on iOS devices, so iPhone or iPad exclusive. Just as it is currently only available in the US … But there is no doubt, given its capabilities, that this clips sharing button will eventually appear on all mobile devices around the world.

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Until then, maybe Amazon Prime Video will offer this innovative feature on more shows as well… because at the moment only 4 series are affected: boys (season 1), prairieAnd Invincible And Fairfax. If one suspects that it will never be possible to extract clips from any movie or TV series in its catalog in this way, which is a matter of rights, the platform promises to add the functionality to other creations soon.

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