Amazon plans to create an independent streaming service

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(Pocket-lint) Amazon is said to be considering creating a standalone app that will host live sports.

Amazon currently streams live Premier League matches and tennis matches in the UK, as well as NFL and New York Yankees games in the US, as part of its Prime Video service and app. However, it is said to be stepping up its efforts to stream live sporting events and the possibility of a separate app is being explored.

according tothe informationAmazon, “people briefed on the conversations,” claims Amazon has been discussing the new app internally, though it’s unclear if it will be an add-on paid service (to Prime) or even if it’s set up.

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One can understand why Amazon would want to separate its services. Amazon Prime Video is already a crowd pleaser, with TV shows and movies included with a Prime subscription, and so much more — all of which you’ll have to pay extra for. Then there are other channels you can subscribe to. Indeed, with the UK’s Boxing Day soccer game just around the corner, we struggled to find Premier League coverage among Christmas movies and the like.

Amazon also has a habit of separating certain content into its own app. Freevee launched as a separate service in the second half of 2022, when it was previously available within the Prime Video app itself (in the UK, at least).

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